cutting right to where im going with this, does anybody find they play cleaner with higher gauge strings as apposed to strings that are too light for their hand strength or comfort level?

ive got some really light strings on my electric right now (.09s) and my playing sounds ok but i notice stepping up to higher gauge strings (on a different guitar mind you) im even cleaner... could this be because the lighter gauges are more sensative to the slightest touch or am i simply playing better on another guitar?

keep in mind the guitar with the .09s is the one i most often play and the other guitar had either .10s or .11s and was just a friend of mines...

does anybody else have a similar problem and if you do or dont what would you recommend doing?
ill tell u tommorow when i get my strat back from the shop with 11's on it...it needed a new input jack so i just told the guy to set it up with 11's rather than 10's
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the higher the gauge, the more beefier sound you get. light is good for classic rock or finger style. higher gauges are good for metal, jazz or blues, at least from what ive found.
I'd say it's less a "better" sound, more a "newer" sound that you like more than what you currently have.
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string gauges do make a difference. i started with really light strings and noticed that with my style of playing (real fast) they didnt work to well , extra noise, they bend real easy. now i use .15 GHS Boomers and there great, real clean and easy to control
well zepplin addict personally ive never played on 09's myself ive always used 10's and 11's just because they sound better and a little heavier in my view especially the 11's. Im thinking that your friends guitar may be setup a little better than yours which allows you to play better and a lot cleaner. i dont think that string gauge would really have anything to do with youR abilities much. Gauge thickness is more a preference in my view if you like those thicker gauges and you think your sounding better with them go ahead and get a set and try them on your guitar. If your sounding the same then id say that its probably your guitar or pickups or sumthing in there causing the problem your hearing. Thicker gauges are a little bit stiffer and easier to move around on espcially once broken in. My strings of choice are ELIXER 10-46, and DR black beauties red devils 11-52's. So id pick up a set of either and see what sounds best.

keep rockin man \m/

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thanks for the responses..

looks like ill be making the switch to some .11s i think cause from what ive gathered they play better faster and although classic rock is the majority of what i play i like the heavier edge and harder rock subgenres of the likes of slash and page...

again thanks for the help from you all peace! \m/ \m/