I like it. Youtube makes things darker I guess. My timing isn't impeccable, but it's decent. I really just want my improv skills critiqued.

Here It Is

It's better than my last video.
OK here goes

I could not see the
video at all, 2 dark .

U have the overall structure
of the song down but it's
played very sloppy

I know u warned me,
but I have 2 say, the
tuning thing is off the hook.

Let me give U one tip
4 the future, If u want
people (especially musicians)
to like UR music, tune that thing
up!! Every time b4 u hit the record

But tuning is a big thing (4 me)
if it's out of tune that's all I can
hear and I get stuck right there
" Free U'R Mind... And U'R AZZ will follow"

- George Clinton