I use 12's. I guess thats pretty average right? I'd like to go up a gauge but I'm worried I'll be spending 10 dollars on a gauge thats gonna hurt myfingers and I wont even be able to play it. is it a big jump in playability when you go to 13s?

what do you guys use?
Using 12's now. 13's aren't bad if you get used to them. I trained up my finger strength using 13's. I might go back to them, actually.
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I use 11's and 12's, depends on which guitar I'm using. My regular acoustic get's the 12's and my fiberglass get's the 11's. 13's aren't too bad. I remember I accidently bought a pack when I first started playing. It didn't take too long to get used to them.
Whatever d'addirio phosphor bronze lights are. I think they're 12's. I know when I first started out I used mediums, which I think are 13's
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Whatever gauge you use, be sure that your guitar is rated for them. The conventional wisdom is that heavier strings will sound better because they're 'louder', put out more harmonics...whatever... but if you use a gauge that's too heavy for the way your axe is built, you succeed only in placing too much tension on the top, which prevents it from resonating as it should, and will likely make the action too high (this is assuming a standard tuning...lots of guys string slightly heavier for open tunings with no adverse effects). You may also have an issue with the size and depth of the nut slots and the neck adjustment if you change gauge without having the guitar set up for the heavier gauge.

Some guitars sound great with heavier strings, such as older Martins or Gibsons, but most of them, especially newer designs, resonate well and play the way they should with typical acoustic/light gauge...about .12 to .52. Anything other than this may require significant adjustment and/or may actually make the top sound dead, giving you a tone thats all string and no wood. In any case, the guitar should be properly set up with the gauges you intend to use.
i use the regular 12s. ive thought about going down to 10s, or 9s, but im scared to to so b/c i want to get better bends when i switch to electric