What is the best setup for this amp??? aka how far should bass/treble/contour and ect be turned up?
Get rid of the amp. It makes us weep.

EQ is a personal decision. You'll have to play with it to get it where you'd like it, unfortunately no EQ'ing will make that MG sound good.
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In B4 MG flaming.

What style of music do you play. Congrats on such a terrible amp by the way, but you'll have to do your best with it I suppose.
The best setup would be in the garbage
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You aren't going to get a good tone out of the amp unless you have a concrete understanding of tonal properties (i.e. you are a professional sound engineer type thingy), and even then it will be hard to get the amp to sound decent.

The MG will suffice as a practice amp if you can stand the horrible tone.

My advice is to sell the thing (if you can) and get something like a Roland Cube, a Peavey Vypyr, or a Vox Valvetronix (depending on what style of music you play).
Tone is very subjetive. I suggest to dial the treble, bass and mids to 12' and start dialing from there until you get a tone YOU like.
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theres no way to get good tone on the MG, i have it so im not just talkin outa my ass here, but umm..... lets see

i like to start at like treble - 4, bass - maybe around 3 or 4, mid around like 7 maybe 6, and treble could be a little higher, it seems to at least balance out the "sound" a bit, i would even consider it a sound just noise horrible horrible noise, so basicly just kinda throw it off an overpass and laugh at it break, or maybe light it on fire and watch it burn then laugh lol, thats about good
I found if you crank all the knobs and turn the amp off it tends to sound it's best.
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