I other news, three tourists were cut in half from a snapping piece of guitar string.
Carpel Tunnel.... ouch..

He's laughing at YOU.
You better click that bastard.

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They never played the actual giant guitar. I want to see that thing played with a bunch of people working together lol.
lol what's the scale length of that?
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Imagine if life was like that.

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So, you need like 10 people only to do a tapping solo? (making them jump on top of the strings)

That would be awesome, though.

But, how would you go about sweeping?
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I remember seeing a show on discovery or something a while ago, where they just made big stuff, and they made a big electric guitar.

Here - http://news.harmony-central.com/News/2004/Big-Guitar.html

It's in Seattle in a science museum that's near the music center that has Jimi Hendrix's Woodstock guitar. I don't have the pictures with me...but it was noticeable.
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