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I am trying to restring an electric guitar for the first time (a crappy Squier Strat). I've cut one string, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it out of the tremelo, and how to put the new string in there. Help!
cut it? hopefully not right at the bridge. just take the string and push it down into the tremolo and out of one of the six holes in the back. theres a kink right on the end from where its been setting so you might need to twist it a little and work it out. after the ball ends out just pull it straight through and stick the new one in the same way. it will be easier if you cut off the curly end that was on the peghead. also its a good idea to change the strings one at a time unless youre doing cleaning to the fingerboard or frets. this keeps the neck and tremolo much closer to the tension they are normally at so nothing gets thrown out of whack (which happens much easier with a cheapo guitar with a loose bolt on neck joint and questionable tremolo)
You've just got to kind of wiggle the string around until it comes out of the hole in the back of the guitar.
Same are putting the string in there, just slide it through the holes in the back.
Take off the back plate. It should have 6 phillips head screws. Once that's off, you'll be able to see the underside of the trem and the springs. Just push the ball end of the string out of the hole, then feed the new string back through.

I woulden't cut em though. I mean, you can and it won't hurt anything, but it's generally easier to just unwind it and feed the whole string through. You might cut off the coiled part where it wrapped around the tuner to make it a little easier, but personally I just yank em' right out.
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I agree with Garou1911, you have to remove the back plate in order to replace the strings...it's easier to do it that way.
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