Well I've been playing for about a week now... I was just wondering whether or not if I was doing it right.. Can someone briefly sum up some steps
first month or so just focus on your basic open chords and fingering them and switching from one to another as fast and clean as possible. maybe some simple scales for picking technique. its an extremely steep learning curve at first but just keep at it. you know youre practicing enough if your finger tips are getting sore and youre working your hands (espically left) enough to get them tired (NOT tense, NOT cramped, just tired). keep as relaxed as possible and make sure youre not focusing so hard that your arm and shoulder and back start tensing up. the goal is a fluid natural feel and it can take a little while for your hands to adapt to what youre asking them to do.
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TS, start out learning some basic open chords. G, D, C, A, Am, E. Since you're only a week in those should be enough to keep you going for a few months. You want to be able to strum them cleanly and transition between them in different patterns. A couple good songs for learning them (in my opinion) are Knockin' On Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan, House of the Rising Sun by The Animals, and Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. Between the three they contain all of those chords, and they're pretty fun to play.

Hope that helps, and good luck!
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tabs. lots of them.
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I sucked and felt like a complete idiot and was embarresed to ask questions. I remember taking 3 lessons after playing tabs for about a year and I kept asking my intructor "how do I know Im playing the rite way?" basically there is no rite way is wut he was trying to get rhough to me, just keep at it and ull start to feel it...practice slow and dont expect to be a pro anytime soon
I played simple riffs like seven nation army or iron man. And learned the basic chords like: E major, E minor, A major, A minor, C major, G major, D major, D minor. Those are good to start with. And just find songs that interest you, you can find a lot of tabs on this site. Then go through them and play the parts that you like.
and ug.tv kicks butt for lessons and youtube, and start snagging a guitar mag once and a while..always good lessons and tips in them
Personally I already knew TAB and the G major chord when I started. First thing I did was print off a TAB of Never Too Late by Three Days Grace and just basically started to learn other songs that I liked and that I knew how to tune to. I basically learn so many things on guitar (theory wise and what happens when the guitar is tuned down and such) just by figuring it all out but it has been a year and at the moment I really am where I want to be as a guitarist/bassist. It depends how fast you learn things and such. If you don't learn fast then I would recommend getting lessons unfortunately
Nothing wrong with learning songs from tabs as long as you bear in mind that all that does is teach you how to play those songs - learning from tabs early on is NOT going to teach you how to play the guitar, if you get what I mean.
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first month playing should be just about finding a song you like, and learning it from tab, the first thing you have to do is develop passion, and have something to stop it from becoming just a chore. I started out using the interlude from master of puppets, but anything thats easy and sounds cool will work, when you get bored of practising, you'll have something to fall on thats fun.

After a month of playing around with the instrument, and getting comfortable i'd work on 5 different chords and a easier scale, as far as theory goes. And start all basic techniques.

learn the C,A,G,E and D major chords (don't worry about theory just memorize for now), and then learn the a minor pentanoic scale, a simple scale with just 5 notes that can be played any where on the fretboard. While doing the scale experiment with, legato (hammer ons and pull offs), slides and alternate picking. With the chords make sure to down and up stroke and don't use distortion with the chords.

Also start learning the proper notes of the frets, and make sure you keep track of the numerical note of the scale your on: "1,3b,4,5, 7b*" or "a,c,d,e,g"

in easy terms, count aloud when you play a scale, 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 1 ,3.... (there are no 2 or 6 in a minor pentatonic scale), or/and do the letter names as you play each note, again do it ALOUD.

*the b means the note is down one fret then what would normaly be played in the major scale, not necessarily that its flat (b is a flat sign when next to a letter and not a number), again, that is something to worry about later.
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Well I've been playing for about a week now... I was just wondering whether or not if I was doing it right.. Can someone briefly sum up some steps

There are many different approaches you can take. I recommend getting a few basic guitar books like the ones from Hal Leonard, Mel Bay or the Guitar for Dummies series. Books are great because they give you a complete beginning system and lots of things to practice. If you want to go the free direction, www.justinguitar.com has many free lessons and practice plan for the beginning guitarist.

Typically most basic training will have you learning the open chords, how to read tab and the notes in first position. Most will also touch on music theory in tandem.

Good luck.
Chords - the bare basics
Pentatonics - EXTREMELY helpful
TABS - Start out simple, Hypnotized by SOAD is a good beginners song.

Remember to start out SLOW!!! First Form, Then speed.

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Chords - the bare basics
Pentatonics - EXTREMELY helpful
TABS - Start out simple

Remember to start out SLOW!!! First Form, Then speed.

I agree fully, except as you mature as a guitarist, never forget your training, and practice it regularily. After this point, you should learn more advanced stuff like more chords, more, advanced tabs, different pickings, and so on. Remember your finger strengthining exercizes and speed training through out, and keep an open mind through the hardest of times.
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Chords - the bare basics
Pentatonics - EXTREMELY helpful
TABS - Start out simple, Hypnotized by SOAD is a good beginners song.

Remember to start out SLOW!!! First Form, Then speed.

Easy song? So i guess the solo is easy to?

Just play everyday, you will see the difference in a while. The Internet is your teacher.
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like a few other people have said


helps a lot.

First thing you do is learn how to hold a guitar and a pick (if you're using one)
Learn basic chords e.g. D, G and A (later on you learn the rest)
learn how to pick
learn an easy song like hey there delilah
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