I'm thinking I might want to move there.

Please only post if you have good information and/or live there.
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what the **** man you think thats funny?
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Weird people.

To get used to this, move to portland for a year.

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cons: kellyfornia has mexicans

To get used to this, move to Mexico for a year.
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Pros: It's diverse

Cons: It's in america
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Oh haha your so funny

actually ur better off near long beach, pasadena, san diego, san francisco, redondo beach, and those areas.
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What would those be?

Anywhere that doesn't look like that is a good one.

If you see a person like this, run.
If you dont like Mexicans or black people I wouldnt move there. They dont really bother me though.

The number one thing that bothers me is the smell. LA wreaks. Theres smog everywhere. And it just doesnt smell clean and fresh. Very dirty.
make sure you dont move to an area with no street lights. bad things happen there
I'm mexican too. But I look white because I'm white.
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I'm white actually but I look mexican.
I think you look like your avatar in real life. If someone saw you in the street, they wouldn't think "Mexican!", they'd think "UGLY PIRATE!!!... is a mexican?"
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I'm mexican too. But I look white because of a strong Spanish/French bloodline.

My mom's side of the family is white. Both my parents are Mexican though.
i was there over the summer.

pros: 72 degrees and clear skies, all year round. culture, a lot of cool music clubs. medical marijuana. beaches. a lot of open-minded people.

cons: really crowded. air pollution is pretty bad, like really bad. i went outside with an open cup for about ten minutes before a thin layer of gross shit had accumulated on the surface. uhhhh...earthquakes?

all in all, it's a cool place to be.
I think I'll go to a smaller nearby city so I can enjoy the culture of LA but not die of lung cancer.
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I've lived in Los Angeles for about two years, and this is what I have found:


Culture. LA gets a bad rap for being uncultured, but there's a ton of theatre, a thriving music scene, dance, visual arts, anything you want from any culture. It can be hard to search it out -- it's mostly little independent places -- but if you want it, it's there.

Diversity. If a culture exists on Earth, you can find it in LA. Hollywood is right next to Little Ethiopia. Every manner of Central American culture, Little Tokyo, I live near Koreatown, there's everyone and everything.

Opportunity. There is a ton of money in Los Angeles. Pretty much any career you want you can find here. It's the center of the entertainment world, both film/television and music. But there's realty, banks, antique stores, you name it we got it.

Geography. You're near the ocean, the desert, and the mountains. You don't have to go more than two hours to find any of those things.


Price. Los Angeles is expensive. Rent, gas, food, all that, you'll have to be prepared to shell out. I highly recommend sharing an apartment.

Air Quality. Again, LA gets a bad rap -- the air is not as bad as depicted, but it isn't what you'd call "good." I can never feel it, but it does sometimes obscure the mountains 10 miles away. At night with the air and the light, you can only see a dozen stars. You won't get lung cancer, though.

Traffic. There's no exaggeration at all here. The only place I've seen whose traffic rivals Los Angeles is Atlanta. The subway system is woefully inadequate for short distances, but if you're going from LA to Pasadena, for example, trains work well. The buses are decent but sometimes unreliable. You really need a car to live here.

Downtown. Because Los Angeles is such a driving city, there aren't many places that serve walk-by traffic like you'd find in New York, because there's so little walk-by traffic. There is the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion which houses the LA Opera and two theatres of the Center Theatre Group, LA's biggest theatre company. Across the street is the Disney Concert Hall and REDCAT theatre. There's a great whiskey bar on 7th and Grand Downtown, but as far as I know that's about it. It's not the kind of place you say "Let's go Downtown, wander, and see what's going on." You have to have a plan.


Weather. It is not 72 and sunny year round. Summers can hit 100 degrees (though never humid). Winters top out in the 50s at best, oftentimes days in the 40s. It rarely rains (14 inches annually), which I don't like.

Safety. Granted, I haven't spend much time in Compton or Watts or any of the really rough neighborhoods, but if you're not stupid you ought to be pretty safe. I live in the West Adams neighborhood (I go to USC, live off-campus nearby), and while there have been muggings and break ins, they're not that common and usually result from someone walking alone on the street at 2 am.

If you're not going to Los Angeles proper, I would recommend Culver City. It's on the west side of Los Angeles, about 7 miles from downtown, and is a charming city. Pasadena to the northeast about 10 miles is also very cool. But keep in mind that these places are probably more expensive than LA proper.

EDIT: I'd rethink your notion of living in a nearby city so you can enjoy LA without the air problems. The air there is just as bad (the whole valley has the same air problems), and getting around can be hard. Glendale, for example, is only about 12 miles from Downtown LA, but that can take a lot of travel time. Also, because LA is so sprawling, there's no one place to go -- it's not like New York with everything sort of in the same place. I'd say it's best to try to live in the geographic center of the area (which would be Koreatown, give or take) so you minimize your travel distance to places like Santa Monica and Westwood to Pasadena and San Marino.

Additionally, most of the interesting parts of LA are to the west of Downtown, as are Hollywood and Beverly Hills and the beaches. So I'd say live in West LA/Culver City/Westwood, someplace like that.

I know that's a lot of info, but I hope it helps.
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You should probably graduate high school first... and then probably go to college, then you can decide to move to LA. Cause without a college degree and a decent job you probably won't be able to afford a decent place as well as your expenses.
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Come to OC.

It's wonderful here.
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