Can you dig what life is all about?
Or have you yet to open the door?
Nothing you feel, no earthly emotion
Compares to the euphoric caress of understanding
The kind of understanding only attained through
Experience and knowledge, no ordinary knowledge
Nothing read in books nor spoken of by mortals
This knowledge comes from within and without
From deep down in the oceans of thought
And from the shallow pool of consciousness
Turn on your mind and tune in to life
So you too can dig it and find peace

Once you find it let me know
I want to discuss with you the ramblings of fate
And the ghastly concept of time immemorial
It is so lonely on the other side as so few
Have opened the door
What bleak journey occupies their time?
When life is so eagerly waiting through the door
So for the sake of sanity and the sake of the soul
Won’t you please come and join me in my cosmic hole
"Imagine all the people, sharing all the world"
-John Lennon