If Schecter made a C-8 Hellraiser? They have already tried to make an 8 string with a kind of an Avenger style body link but it had a crappy headstock and a 26.5 scale (on an 8 string!). They're bound to make a C-style 8 string someday and I would be one of the first to buy it if they did. What do you guys think? Would you be interested in an 8 string Hellraiser?
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Imagine if life was like that.

I wouldn't be interested. The only that thick I wrap my hand around is my prize winning ****.

He's a really good chicken, seriously. I feed him nothing but whole grains and he can peck your eyes out.

I just don't play 8 string stuff. I think it would be cool to have that shape as an 8 string though.
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If the current Ibanez had an ebony fretboard I'd be all over it like a 50 year old man who just popped 3 Viagras on... anything with an hole.

But unfortunately Ibanez doesn't use ebony on hardly any (if any) of their guitars. Which is sad because when I get an 8 string I want a double locking system.

I'd consider the hellraiser, but again I'd be looking for a double locking system with an ebony fretboard.
i would
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