I have another thread on the overall health of my amp but this is for anyone who's done this before.

I need to change some fuses, gig this friday LOL, my amp died. That's not good.

I'm pretty sure my Main fuse is at fault here, due to tube failure. Here's a picture of my amp opened up- http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/762/dsc02111gv8.jpg

I don't know what fuses are the main ones, so i'm thinking about replacing all of them..

The sticker that came with it says REPLACE WITH SAME TYPE AND RATING FUSE

5 AMPERES 250 VOLTS. I'm guessing this is for ALL the fuses..?

So i'd get any old 5 amp, 250v fuses and plug them in and they would work right? I heard theres "slow-blow" fuses and different types and i'm not sure if i would explode my amp if i got the wrong one. I called radioshack and they said they have 5amp 250v fuses but thats all it says. Would it be fine if i got those and popped them in?

Also, how do I take them out? I tried to remove one by the side but it wouldn't move and i didn't want to use force. Thanks
slow blow won't hurt it.

as long as it's the same amp rating.
curses! foiled again

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oh, and just grab the old fuse with pliers and pull

or use a small screwdriver to pry it out.
curses! foiled again

Epiphone Les Paul Custom "Silverburst"
I took out the fuses, five of them total. One of them was near the power switch.

Two of them were in the middle of the board, and two more below them.

Those bottom 2 said T1A FUSE under them. The two on top of them, one had F-2A FUSE, and the other had F10A fuse.

I'm hesitant about plugging in anything else now, do i need these special types of fuses or will the 5a 250v work fine?

On all of them, the top silver part says 250V and 5a. The F10A and unlabeled one from the power switch are covered in white paper...
I replaced 4 of the fuses, and kept one that looked OK.

I flip the on switch - bam i have power. I let it warm up for a while and hit the standby off, and i hear a loud crackling noise - like right before my amp died before.

I also saw the power tubes fluctuating purple light really fast while it was buzzing. I switched it off fast, and i still have power. I'm afraid to turn it on again. Is it time for new tubes?



Still gonna get new tubes when i get money though lol

I spent $3.00 to get it fixed

I def think its time for new tubes if it's glowing purple
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Congrats dude. Just now saw this thread.

glad your amp is up and running. I would still get new power tubes as mentioned and use your old ones as spares. And get some more fuses so you don't run into this trouble again. Just remember your capacitors have a charge in them now.
The tubes were glowing purple when i got them, i thought it was normal. They still burn purple as i use it.

Weird though, only 2 are glowing now instead of 4 like it should be. The other 2 are still glowing orange though.

I'm worried about gouing to the back of the amp to put it back in the case, if i *TOUCH* the capacitors, i'll die, right? lol

they're the big gray things?

Also, do i need to worry about biasing crap once i get new tubes? Right now they're crappy Svetlana 6L6GC's. If I get Ruby tubes or something(6L6GC), they're just plug and play right?
I have no clue.

My Ruby 6L6s have a faint blue/purple glow I dont' think there is anything wrong with that. Not sure why you only have 2 instead of 4 working. Not sure on bias - go bump the JSX/XXX/Ultra thread or the 5150/6505 thread. Yes you could die if you touch the wrong things.
Oh good news for me, i dont have to touch anything

Just sliding it back into the case CAREFULLY..