hi, ive been playing guitar for a while but when it comes to guitar set up etc, im a bit of a noob.

i have an 'alesis x-guitar,' and ive been using 'ernie ball slinky' strings since i got it. i mostly play in standard e tuning, i play mostly 90s style alternative rock (smashing pumkins, sonic youth, soundgarden type stuff) and i was just wondering if i should be getting different strings, or what would be the best (and not too expensive) type of strings to get.

i dont know much about which types of strings are best for my guitar, or best for the sound im trying to get, so help would be appreciated
d'addiros good all round cheap but not low quality strings. trust me d'addiro ernie ball are probaly the two biggest competors for the string market
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do you like the strings you're using? Yes? Then leave them. They're really mostly a feel thing.
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ahk yeah i dont mind the strings im using, just wanted to know if i should be using something else, cos basically since i bought it about 2 or so years ago, i havent altered it really at all
Well if you like the gauge of strings you have now go with that. I prefer lighter strings for bends and I just think its easier to play (09-42). If you're looking for high quality strings go with DR's. If you just want new strings, stick with what you got.