Need help: insurance asking for proof that I'm a full time student at college...

So if insurance wants to check that I'm a full time student at college, do they have to get an unofficial transcript? or can it be anything from the college stating that I am taking the amount of credits needed? Such as a Class Schedule that I just printed today?

Can anyone that has experience on this help me out?
You could try the paperwork with your name on it from paying for your first semester of classes. Just photocopy it and send it in, maybe that will be sufficient?

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it'll need to be something official from the school. just call your insurance company and see what they require as proof.
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I'm taking 9 units at one community college and 5 more at another one though

So I don't think that either college considers me a full time student...
Pretty sure you should have a confirmation of enrollment letter somewhere in the college records you can access electronically, that is what they'll need.

It must be official and on university letterhead though.
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Will I still have this letter given my current status at 2 different schools?

and I can't seem to find it online, although I did find something on the College's site under my profile saying I'm in a "General Studies, AA" academic program, with an undergraduate academic level with a AA degree, along with my anticipated completion date, major, and specialization (which just says general studies for right now)

Do you think this may work?
Show them that you've payed your fees, you need to go to the accounts office and ask for a receipt.
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alright well, I started off pretty badly in one my classes, and want to drop it with a W. This would put me at 11 units, and I don't want to lose insurance though, so what exactly am I looking at here? Is there any way I can drop the class and still take another class even after the deadline for signing up for classes to still hang on to my insurance? Anyone have any experience with that?

And I don't want to send my stuff to the insurance company and then drop the class, which would then cause me to be under 12 units. Don't want anything to happen to my parents or anything. Is this a dangerous route to take if I tried?

I really don't know what I can possibly do besides either stay in the class and get anything from a C to an F, or to fraud the insurance company. Is there any other way??