I know I just had a thread like this not too long ago, about a Gibson SG special.

But browsing ebay today, I saw this Epiphone G400 SG, for really cheap and decided it would be pretty cool. I put up a bid, and won. It's a little old, I think it's an 06, but do you think this was a good purchase? I got it for $228. I know it's a little late either way, but still. Just wondering. hah.


Not going to lie, I'm upgrading from a Squier Strat, and I'm completely excited!
I played one of these for a while, they are great little guitars and look cool as fock. It is a HUGE step up from the squier.

Enjoy it dude.
Very good deal. I had one, and I loved it to death. It's a keeper. If you have the money, chuck some Seymour Duncans in it or something, and it will absolutely wail. I'm trying to invest in one again...I really regret selling it.
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