I have a friend who thinks her ex may have given her an STD

she wants to get tested, but her mom is very religious and would send her out of state if she found out she had sex

so i offered to bring her to get tested, my mother being the one to take her to the free clinic

the only concern i have is, will they allow her to get tested without her legal guardian? she's 16


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the might just tell them that shes scared, doesn't want any std's and her moms ****ing crazy
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I think they're more than willing to do that. In fact I'm almost positive they will.

Edit: Just checked and STD clinics don't require parental consent. BAM
i dunno about the states, but I'm pretty sure they're required to give you services no matter what. and it's kept confidential

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Yeah, she needs to get her ass in there and get tested (as time is a major factor). She will be able to (where I work, people don't have to tell us much of anything to get tested).
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