Ok... I was playing the other day and I noticed I don't like the tone of the 3mm small stubby's I was using so, I swapped to Jazz III's for a couple of days.

Now, even after 2 days of playing with these, they still feel wierd. They feel like they hook the strings. I was wondering if this was a sign of excess tension or just being so used to the glassy feel of the stubby's. Maybe I'm using too much of the pick?
It's more than likely the way you're using the pick. Tension? Like string tension? I think you mean traction or friction.
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
Tension? Like string tension?

No, not string tension. Tension in my muscles.

It's more than likely the way you're using the pick.

Maybe an explaination is due?
could just be coz jazz IIIs suck ass.....get some ibanez H16s

(ideally the paul gilbert ones)

thank me l8r
Could be, depends on a lot of things - Jazz IIIs tend to be a little difficult to keep hold of without a little more pressure on the pick, if you find them a little smooth and are holding them tighter to compensate, a better thing to do is to slash the pick with a knife to give it grip.
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could just be coz jazz IIIs suck ass.....get some ibanez H16s

(ideally the paul gilbert ones)

Is there any American online music store (Ex. Musiciansfriend) that has these? 'Cause I KNOW my local one doesn't have them. Our music store blows.
my advice, find your nearest ibanez stockist, and order a bag, they wont get one or two for you theyll want you to order a bag of 50, i get them for £20 a bag

make sure you say to them you want the for retail price, or theyl try charging 40

well worth it

like i say

ibanez H16
I asked Freepower why my pick kept hooking onto the strings a while ago, and I believe the advice he gave me was to have a looser grip on the pick. Which he addresses above by saying you can cut grooves into your pick to essentially create grip that gives you a better hold on the pick.

And while I tend to be quite picky about my picks, simply changing the pick you use will not solve problems. It can help, but most likely it's a technique issue.
I had been playing with Dunlop Tortex Jazz (purple - 1.14mm) for years. A couple days ago I bought some Dunlop Jazz IIIs (red - 1.38mm) and some Dunlop Ultex Jazz IIIs (also 1.38mm I believe).

Even though the Jazz IIIs are thicker than the Tortex Jazz, they bend much more, which is surprising. They flex way too much for me.

The Ultex Jazz IIIs, on the other hand, barely flex at all. They're my favorite pick now. I also really like the tone.
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The Ultex Jazz III is also my pick of choice at the moment. Amazing gripping surface on that thing too

Thanks man. I bought some here a while back and just got them out again. I think I might be starting to grow on them myself.

Wow, I thought this thread was dead by now! Two threads by me on one page and right next to each other too. Makes me look like a total idiot...
since i've picked up some 1.14 gators i just couldn't play as well with any other picks. they are of such awesomeness, it can't even be described. i strongly recommend trying them.