I think it sounds good

i was expecting bad vocals because you said you needed critique.

it is kinda hard to tell how exactly your singing because the guitar is a lot louder than your vocals
oh thanks
yeeh it is as i just recorded with the one mic. yes i am kinda nervous about the vocals as iv never really sang to anyone before haha so i thought i would see what you guys think first
O god. I was gonna have you crit my Hendrix cover.....but this totally destroys mine. I love it. Youtube it please, I need to favorite it. Do NOT worry about your singing. You sing fine. Don't be embarrased. Great playing, great micing, wow.

Crit my crap?ha.

BTW< I know it's out of tune. It's the Low E.
This is cool man Go ahead with your school assembly! You sorta sound like the guy from The Eels
that was awesome, sweet playing and good vocals! the guitar is pretty loud on the second verse and it was a little hard to hear the vocals but i think they were good there too!
you should really play that on that school thing!

crit mine?
Because footstools are cool - UG's Classical Guitarists

[quote="'']Congratulations! You have won the award for the most irrelevant thing ever said in a thread!