I 've been listening to jeff beck and first i just gotta say DAMN lol he's inspired me to want to put a better bridge on my strat a bridge with a whammy that can pull the pitch up and down, doesn't go out of tune, and doesn't break strings. any suggestions on a good brand?
Stetsbar? I've heard them mentioned before, but dont know much about them. You'll have to google it...
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Use a roller nut and locking tuners. They'll do wonders for tuning stability. Heck, I believe the Jeff Beck signature strat had some of the above mentioned if not all. Big ass neck though.
sorry to be off topic but while were here, can someone recommend a Jeff Beck album for someone wanting to get into his music? whats his defining album?
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Wired, Blow by Blow, Guitar Shop, There and Back are all great. (Wired is my personal fav.)
Also, Truth, which is an album by the Jeff Beck Group w/ Rod Stewart on vocals and Ronnie Wood on bass is excellent.
Beck does indeed use a roller bridge on his axes, and I think his trem is a standard Fender one, albeit one that's perfectly set up (which is not as common as you might expect). His trem floats, BTW.

I became frustrated with the stock Fender trem on my Am Dlx Roadhouse Strat and replaced it with a Wilkinson trem...direct drop in replacement, and it made a big difference as to stability, intonation, and it actually made the guitar louder when played un-amplified. Mine, unlike Beck's, is set up for dive only.

Bear in mind that, if you set up with a floating trem that pitches up and down, you will be unable to play unison bends, double-stop bends, etc and have them be in tune...as you stretch a string with the finger, the rest of them will go flat.

The technique that Beck uses is an absolute mystery to every other guitarist on the planet and maybe a few on other planets as well. He doesn't use a pick, he plays all his slide work in standard tuning, and his whammy technique...well, what can I say...the guy's tone is all in his hands and it is impossible to replicate. He just doesn't play the instrument the same way everyone else does.

Also, and BTW, I agree with the previous list of Jeff Beck albums, although Guitar Shop is by far my personal favorite (his more recent stuff is great too).