does anyone know of a way i can replace my pickguard on my sg special to accomodate some of those plastic pickup border things?

what im talking about is i have an sg like this:

but i want it to have a pickguard like this:

and those little rectangular plastic borders around the pickups, it just looks so much cleaner that way. if anybody could tell me about a pickguard like that which would fit an sg special i'd really appreciate it
nah, full pickguards don't\can't have plastic borders (mounting rings).. trust me, i've tried
if i put the smaller pickguard on there would that work? do you know if it would fit right?
it would fit right but you would have to drill a few holes and some holes would be sitting there where the other side used to be...
Exactly. You can do it, but it'd be ugly. Just leave it the way it is, and if you want, get pick up covers, they look better that way.
the thing is w/ yours, the pickups are, or should be, mounted to the pickguard. in the other one, the one with the mountinmg rings, theyre mounted to the rings itself, which are anchored to the body.

they arent purely aesthetic.
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