I cant find any threads dedicated to them... but maybe they are just pushed back far... Who here likes tesla? I am listening to what a shame at the moment and it has a pretty cool feel to it... nice for a low key band
saw them at the graspop metal meeting and they were awesome, have really grown to like them recently!!!!when are they touring over here!!!!

Modern Rock?

Very amazing... Two ****in' amazing guitar players.
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Tesla is excellent!

Very talented and overlooked band! Mechanical Resonance was a superb album same with Radio Controversy. And the cover duo Reel To Real albums had some outstanding covers! (Rock Bottom, Thank You)!

But i do think Tesla would fall under 80s metal thread! Even though they dislike being classified with the 80s Glam genre, which was easily caught up in, at that time! They are a real deal rock band!
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