I find it really hard to promote music and getting with the right type people to help out where I live here in Houston,TX. But sometime at the end of the year I'm putting out a cd for my band and I feel hesitant in ways. I want to have my own cd and all but would it be worth in cost and production? I mean its hard enough to get good gigs where there are people that become new fans..and its hard enough to do it yourself when you don't have THAT much of a dedicative fan base.

But basically all I'm saying is what are the best methods to promote? I'm not big on profit its more of New Fans>Profit just to gain better reputation in the music scene.

Even though Houston does have a good music scene its still hard as hell to get promotion and gigs. Especially crowd draw...

Here is my band

All of those songs are old demos we recorded about a year ago..most of them have changed and we've improved the songs in ways. We're an instrumental band too..
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If you are unsure of being ready to put out a CD, you probably aren't. It is a huge undertaking that takes a lot of time and money. That being said, producing a CD is probably one of the best ways to promote yourself, as it allows you to give something physical to promoters, club owners, and radio stations.
It's very easy to advertise imo. Use myspace band adds (they don't cost to much) Make flyers and hang them in your local music shops and venues. Word of mouth is the best though.