I'm trying to find a digital synthesizer that will output with either a standard jack or mic jack for my Digitech Jamman. I've searched around and have found plenty, but I don't really know what to shop for. I'm basically looking for:

-Tons of different tones/voices (percussion a perk but not needed, must have organ and strings, some phaser-esque tones great also)
-Standard keys
-At least 61 keys
-Maximum price of $200 (used or new)
-Volume control
-Does NOT need to have speakers, I'll be plugging into a PA
-Compact compact compact

Any ideas? Just brands and models is fine, doesn't need to be crazy specific. I'm dying to toy around more with my Jamman and NEED a Synth to loop.
So 61+ keys and compact? Whats your idea of compact...?

Also, you might be able to find one with built in sounds, but nothing really quality for $200.

I would really look into getting a decent MIDI controller and a nice synth software. Hell, you can probably torrent the software if you really want.

M-audio makes some nice, cheap MIDI controllers in various sizes.

As for synths, If you can afford Logic, there are some GREAT built in sounds with it(not to mention pro quality recording). For just standalone sample synths, I think Battery3 would be a great choice. Very high quality samples.
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Compact as in doesn't have a huge stand, isn't bulky and thick, that sort of thing.

I'll definitely look into the MIDI suggestions. Thanks.

edit; I found a decent deal on a M-audio Oxygen 49 and it looks pretty good.
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Synth's are expensive man, you won't get 61 keys for that price. If you find anything though let me know lol, I want a synth too, but I can't afford then.

Also, have you considered using softsynth's?