How do these guys operate? I know that guitar center and other chains are authorized dealers of Fender. If they don't have a guitar in stock, can they put in an order and to what extent can the order be customized?

Looking to get my hands on a Tele FMT but the generic bright colors don't suit me haha. Black or dark brown pl0x.

Also, will that single order cost more? Than usual?
it probably will cost more than usual.
Because you have to pay for the shipping of just one guitar in particular, where as they usually get ordered in shipments.

I'm not sure on what extent the customization goes? the color schemes for each guitar should be on the website and if the certain model does'nt have that color available i don't think you can get it custom painted unless it's a custom shop.

like Fender and Jackson in New Zealand. Direct Imports ltd. are the only suppliers in New Zealand, they import certain models of guitars and amps and if a dealer wants to buy them they have to buy it off direct imports, and if Direct Imports don't do them on a regular basis with normal shipment they have to order it separate, although it doesn't come with the next shipment, it gets sent as soon as the payment is put through so it'll arrive within a couple of weeks.

forgive me if it's not the same in other places, it's how i'm familiar with the ordering with separate guitars.

Also if you wanted a custom shop guitar then you go to the authorized dealer with the form and they order it for you etc
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