OK so I'm looking ahead to my next little guitar project. I want to get something that has the look and sound of Ian D'Sa from Billy Talent (At the bottom are a couple songs showing what his guitar sounds/looks like). However, I'm trying to do so on a budget. He plays some kind of HSS Strat. I'm looking at getting this guitar (and putting a red pickguard on it). Would I be better off trying to find a decent HSS Strat? Is there anything else I could look for in order to get his kind of sound? Anything in general I might have overlooked?


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That Squier's all single coils. I'd rather get a Mexican HSS Strat. Don't forget to look up what amp he uses since that's where most of the sound comes from.
Well there are a few things here worth considering.
1.) Are you really getting a good deal with the Squier? I have one and they're nice sure, but you may be able to get a Fender HSS for fairly cheap, thus benefiting you in the long-run as you'll have a better guitar.
2.) It's not just his guitar that gives him that sound. You might also want to look into what type of amps he plays through too, as amps are crucial in finding a good tone.
3.) Do you really want a guitar exactly like Ian D'Sa's with a tone that sounds just like his? I am a HUGE Billy Talent fan don't get me wrong, but I think that instead of trying to find a guitar exactly like his to get his exact tone, maybe you could look around for a guitar that you like and try to get a tone similar?
These are all things I would consider before buying it, but that's just me.
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Haha Billy Talent huh? I used to set up Ian's guitars for the noth American tours, I can tell you he uses a Mexican standard strat, then he had us put a Seymour Duncan JB humbucker in the bridge. At some point he had a American strat neck put on it but kept the same body and electronics. He uses a Fender bassman in the studio the most, as well as a VOX 212 combo and a orange stack, and several diffrent amps live. To get that distortion he gets he was using a Boss Blues Driver last I knew, but it all depends on the endorsements now.