Male Perth Vocalist looking for band.
I would most prefer an originals band but i would enjoy doing covers also.
I am 17 and have finished school, and am now looking to play music full time.

I am told that I'm a good singer, and i most kinds of rock and metal except screamo etc and i refuse to scream or growl or yell etc etc
i will get a clip of me singing up on my profile within the next couple of days. (as soon as i work out how to convert a .wav file to a .mp3

i do not wish to be in a band with people that are not committed or do things such as getting so drunk they can barley stand right before a show.

i am a decent guitar player, but i have a little bit of trouble coordinating myself to sing and play at the same time, but given enough time and can get it down, it just takes me awhile.

i have a little gigging experience, i have played a few shows with my old band, and i found that the heavy nerves i get before a show don't really hinder my performance so there aren't any problems there.

if you want more information or anything else send me a message either on my profile or here

just a note i thought i should add: i am currently getting lessons so i am not compleatly untrained if that is a concern to anyone
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Man why can't you live In Elk Grove...we've got everything except for a good vocalist.

Good luck man. I hope you find someone (pointless post :P)
lol, yea it always helps to be in the right place at the right time.

thanks, and good luck.
Who decided that pie would be sold on Tuesday but not Wednesday?
Would you be interested in joining our online progressive band? we already have a full band besides vocals
well im more looking for a band that can play gigs, and i cant see that happening for an online band, lol, so sorry but thanks anyway.

Ok well the mp3 is up on my profile, so please check it, out.
i apologies in advance for the dodgy recording and it gets cut off for some reason right at the end.
Who decided that pie would be sold on Tuesday but not Wednesday?