Our band is getting together soon and we need a song that we can all play together. I'm the lead guitar so knowing a bit of ahead of time would help me out a bunch.
Are there any suggestions bands who are out now could suggest for us to do? I'm pretty experienced the drummer not so much, the vocalist not so much, the bassist is great and so is rhythm guitar, but we have no idea what to play.

We were considering back n' black (tribute to angus because of my SG) but we're not sure if the vocalist and drummer can do it.

What do you think?
...the drummer'll probably be fine..

just about any AC/DC song is either this, or a slight variation on this:


repeat, repeat, drum fill, repeat, repeat, repeat, drum fill, ect.

...not sure about the singer, though.. thats a personal thing. I have no idea what his/her range/singing skill is...
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well, theres only one way to find out if it'll work.

although I dont really see back in black working as well with a female voice.

you could always just write your own version of it. different key, different feel to suit her vocals?

..or maybe she can pull it off, you never know till you try, I guess
Actually I like our own version sorta thing. We can change the key to maybe a little higher then the original, and maybe have it sung differently. As for everything else should we play the same thing?

(Not big on knowing a lot of music so if we change the key of the tone of voice, are we suppose to play anything different is what I'm really asking)