Hey guys, my first post and my first song. I have never tried to write a song and I play guitar so I thought I might give it a shot. Well here is goes. It's kind of clunky but it's my first. I don't know what to call it. I am working on a title. It's a punk song for my band.

Verse 1
I build it up
And you knock it all down
Why did you have to make
My world spin around

You stand in the front
To block out my face
I try to be nice
But your such a disgrace

I've been left out
Been knocked down
All by you
You left me in the ground

You don't treat me right
You say mean things
I don't need you
I wish you would leave

Verse 2
Why do you do
All this shit to me
I thought we were friends
But now I see

The real you
Is not what I thought
It's all a lie
Now I am distraught

You treat me like crap
Behind my back
You really got me
Way off-track

I felt so bad when
I heard you talk about me
I gave you a chance
But you took it lightly

If at all
You act more maturely
Maybe we can be friends
It's a possibility
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