ok, so i'm sending songs to my phone through bluetooth on my macbook, and they're transferring at a blistering 15 kb/s, which is about 5-8 min per song. i have 15 i'm trying to send. any way i can make this speed up or anything?
See if you can take off any bandwidth restrictions on your Mac
if not
then no

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Buy a mid-to-high end Dell computer and stick the phone memory in your built-in card reader and transfer the songs in like 20 seconds. If your phone doesn't have removable micro SD memory, then WTF?

Of course, you can buy a card reader for your Mac, but it will still be a Mac :-)

Or you can just suffer with the BT--it's a very slow protocol even when everything's working well.

Or you might be able to get a USB cable for the phone to do the transfers directly into the Mac.

Good luck.