Hey there pit...

So this summer, even though I'll have a real job, I'd like to make random spending money by busking...

Normally, It wouldn't be terribly difficult, BUT... I'm not a great singer (I'm not terrible, but my voice really isn't performing material).

So this leaves me with the only option of INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC.

I've been playing guitar for probably 6-ish years now and I feel like I can keep up with most music that I want/need to learn, but I don't have a huge repertoire (other than originals) of good instrumental music. So, needless to say, I'm looking for people to recommend me good instrumental music, or good instrumental covers of popular songs....

Along with this request... Approximately how many songs should I have perfected for busking?

Thanks a lot!
You could improvise a lot.

Record a backing track in a certain key (cool sounding chord progression), and then improvise over it.
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Do some classical stuff - then you'll get money from the (wealthier) old folk too. Loads of it is easy as piss, but sounds reet lovely. Here's a few hundred examples to be getting on with: http://www.classtab.org/
at least 20. preferreably 40.
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i cum blood... itll go down well... seriously though um id go look for a "ultimate busking song book" or somehting like that. and maybe get singing lessons haha
Quote by jimmy_neutron
you could busk with someone that can sing?

Definitely something I was thinking of... But I'd rather have the 'solo' capabilities to go out on any given day and do my stuff for however long I wish.

Ah yes, the ol' Class-tab site... Thanks a lot!

Keep 'em coming guys!

Can anyone recommend a decent portable (battery powered) amp for when using my electric?