OK, so I'm looking at building a pedal board, I own a Variax 600, which comes with a stompbox to power it using a 9V power adaptor and also consisting of a 1/4" jack in, as well as both a 1/4" jack and an XLR male jack out. So my plan is to feed my effects out of the 1/4" jack and I was hoping to link the XLR port to my tuner, allowing me to step on the switch to cut the sound and tune it. I am using a Korg CA-30 tuner.
My question is, If i just went and bought a XLR to 1/4" cord to accomplish this, will that somehow ruin my tuner and/or power?
I hope I make sense, and there is someone out there knowledgable enough in the ways of the force...I mean electronics to help me.
you mean an xlr-1/4 cable from the variax and into your pedal board?

like this? line6 variax<-- xlr-------------------1/4------>pedalboard.

------- = cable just so you know.

if it is like above it wont hurt anything. in fact most studios techs like it when your amp has a xly out from your amp because the connection is way way better.