hey i just got a new effects pedal and it has a jack for an expression pedal and seeing as they cost upwards of $50 here for a cheap behringer one i want to make one for myself.

i have a crapped out cheap ebay wah pedal that i want to use for the case but i have no idea whats inside an expression pedal. ivce searched but havent found anything.

what would i need to make one?

thanks guys
It depends on what the effects pedal requires. I would think the only requirement is a pot, in which case, any wah/expression pedal could suffice.
hmm do you know what pot would work, the one in my wah circuit is a 100k ohm will that work?
I looked around for a schematic for an expression pedal, and since you have a wah which your not to fond of maybe you may want to turn it into an Original Jim Dunlop Crybaby?
It should only cost you $20 at the most,
All you will need is:
3x 1k
3x 470k

2x 0.001uF
2x 0.01uF

660mH Inductor
2x 2N3904 (don't know what they are...)
You also may want a 100k Hot Potz (thats whats in the original)
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yeah maybe, im ok with making electronic and stuff but im not to sure about making one from a schemati how to go about it, and ive never made a pcb for myself, i was hoping for somehting simple
its not that hard, check out the schematic in my last post, its very simple. You can buy pcb boards at some online amp and pedal building websites. Look around....
hmm ok then, im still unsure, id rather just make the expression pedal, have you done it before though? and could i just use a perfboard cause there easy enough?
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2x 2N3904 (don't know what they are...)

They're a kind of fairly generic NPN small signal transistor.
You also forgot to mention the diode, but they're easy to get.

TS, you should bear in mind that any sort of transistor circuit will probably need quite a lot of troubleshooting before it works properly, and expect to blow a few components along the way.
You could do it with perfboard, but PCB's are preferable if you can get them.
yeah it would be hard for me to get a pcb or to make one, ive had experince with drwing them free hand but never etched one myself, and i dont really wantto fork out the money for an etchig kit.

i did find one guide on how to make one but am unsure of the value of the pot to use
Does the wah pedal you bought have a pot in it? You could try using that. As far as connecting to your effects pedal, I'm guessing all you'll need is a mono 1/4" plug. It depends on the effects pedal, however. Attempting this shouldn't wreck your pedal. Simply connect a two conductor cable between a 1/4" plug and the pot.

It would help us a lot more if you could list the brand and model of effects pedal you're using.
yeah ok well its a behringer harmonist/ultra shifter (US600) pedal. ive found some stuff saying that you use a stereo jack and connect that to a pot thats 10k ohms, the one in my wah pedal is 100k ohms.
well i decided to go ahead with it wired up the pot from me wah pedal to a cable and a 1/4 inch jack and plugged it into my effects pedal and it works.

all i used was a 100k ohm pot, old set of headphones and a 1/4inch jack, the heaphones i striped the speakers and old jack off cause i didnt have any other wire, if you want pics i can up load some