I've asked a little bit once every few months in the past and never really got any help or clues. All I know is the best sounding guitarists always have tons of different very expensive amps and effects.

But what settings and what is it that makes the different guitar sounds? Like overdrive, metal, etc. not just the tremolo bar but the sort of "wail" or overload kinda sound. Sorry I'm really bad at this...

Here's just a sample link for what I'm talking about. How do I make my guitar sound more like this and less like a regular guitar or crappy regular overdrive?


Sorry if this is kind of a stupid and basic question but honestly I've got no clue and it seems every resource on the internet is beyond me (like I'm supposed to know all the little internal doohickeys an amp is made of?), and thanks. Hopefully somebody will pop in and give me a simple answer (or a long one ).
better pedal/pickups/amp/strings eq settings make differnce...when i play metal i keep mid all the way down or dont go past 2ish...duno if this helped but its my response
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Ok, so clarity is mainly from my finger positioning and the quality of the amp, whilst changing the sound and tone is largely from effects? Thanks guys.

Also ibanezshred503 if I become a guitar god and it still sounds bad I'm going to hunt you down
everything said here, in that vid theres reverb on the guitar, it would sound plainer without it

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Many thanks! I had forgotten reverb existed, and I have never had any experience with it so maybe that is part of what I was lacking from before.