thanks everyone for their help, one last thing anybody?

The songs intro is as follows:

now for my own knowledge would this be an Aminor pentatonic run ? i was researching it, i wrote out the 5 positions in the key of A and the intro seems to follow that scale exactly except for one note in the entire intro which may have been thrown in by the band for shits and giggles.

i would like to understand this intro in theory so i can apply this to my own music and sound....im mainly wondering ,say i try to write my own little riff intro quite like this....would i just pick a key to play in and follow a scale or would i be playing say:


as a chord or intervals? if they are intervals and i am wrong about the scale thing do i play them in some sort of say chord progression type of order such as some musicians use the circle of fifths to find out which chords play well together? i do believe its just a scale run that the band has figured out as a riff but if its intervals how would i know how to connect them and play them in order?

more help would be great ! im loving all this learning new shit ...