I'm usually a person who loves his metal and hardcore music but
i decided to explore my creativity.
this is my music, a new direction kind of thing
Tell me what you think
add it
Recording quality isnt good coz i use audacity=P
i like...alot....i usually listen to hardcore shit but...nice recording and songwriting
Go in this direction, get a singer?

EDIT::: on And the story goes on, the solo needs to just bust loose over the strumming, and everything is focised on it..until the end then it can go back. make a climax
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thanx man!!
yeah the recording didnt take too long and i have been trying to fix it up a tad more
singing on the track is going to happen
just not yet:P
but yeah getting the solo up would be sweet
thanx for the advice
I'm diggin it a lot.
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