WTB the above. Have paypal waiting. Wanting to spend no more than $50 shipped on the metal zone. deaf_white_kitty on ebay for reference. Let me know! Thanks
I'm not using the pedal for the spider. It's for my half stack. I want the spider as a practice amp.
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50 shipped? no

Their going for about $40-$46 + shipping on ebay. I don't think $50 shipped is bad.
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why not buy it on ebay then?

I've got some one watch. Just tryin my luck on here.
Will sell you my Boss Metal Zone with box and papers and everything for 55$shipped.Also have 30 watt Line 6 Spider 1x12, but it isnt the red faced one.Would sell both for 210$shipped.
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I just bought a metal zone last night. I'm still looking for a Line 6 spider 1x12. I would really prefer the red faced version.