I'm trying to locate a black cherry (dark red transparent) coloured Schecter Hellraiser C-7 FR. I'm in the UK so that needs to be taken into consideration. I've found a gloss black one here, but I'd much prefer the black cherry. Anyone in the States (or anywhere else for that matter) know a place that stocks these and also ships to the UK?


EDIT: Found one at http://www.themadape.com/ for $1,169.50 including postage + hard case. That's £737.32. Without the hard case it's about the same price as thomann.de.
Would anyone recommend against shipping from the States? I presume they'll be smart enough to ship the guitar in the case if I buy both.
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i want one so bad your lucky but i would get it from thomman as long as it comes with everything
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I looked for you at some of the largest dealers and every one I know of that carries the right finish only ships select brands overseas. This does not include Schecter. You are in luck (maybe) there is someone to call in the UK who should be able to order you the guitar and ship it to you (maybe). It is:

Arbiter Group Ltd.
Unit 3, Atlantic Business Ctr.
Stirling Way, Borehamwood
Herts., WD62BT
Phone: +44 (0)20 8207 7860

Anyway I hope this is helpful. The Schecter C7 is a great guitar; I play one without the whammy in black.

Good luck

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Arbiter Group Ltd.

Looks like someone who imports and distributes to businesses rather than individuals, have you used these guys yourself or know anyone who's used them? I checked most of the dealers they list on the site and couldn't find a single Hellraiser C-7 FR.

If I ordered from http://www.themadape.com/ or similar, would it be likely that I'd need to pay VAT and import duty on top of the price? That would certainly add so much to the price that I'd need to go with the gloss black thomann.de jobby.
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ya you will pay at least $400 extra shipping from the states
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