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And why?
Just say the name and the type, whether if it's a strat, les paul, semi-acoustic, or so on.

WHy did you pick it?
A Ken Rose strat copy. Got it when I was 11 years old cause it looked cool. It was from a shop in germany (lived there at the time).
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A silver electric Ibanez (Artist, I believe). I started playing bass, and got bored with it, so I enrolled myself in a guitar class, and wanted something well rounded for all styles.
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Squire strat. I was 16 and had just enough money to buy one of the starter kits.
mine was a strat copy by a company called wesley its see through! woop
i bought a squire P - Bass aswell they looked cool
i'd played bass for a while, and i wanted to play guitar, so i got an epiphone les paul special II. i was 14 or 15
Also a squire strat. My dad bought me the starter kit in high school.

Amazingly enough, I still use the damn thing.
1969 les paul gold top. got it when i was 11. christmas present. i had already been playing for about 5 years classical acoustic lol. first one i picked out and payed for myself was an ibanez rg550 when i was 14. i had a full time job so it only took me a couple weeks to save up for it. oh yeah im now almost 32 lol.
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Mine was a Taro Black Les Paul Copy. It had white binding, block inlays and chrome hardware with pickguard. The Body was some sort of plywood and I have no idea what the neck was made of. I kept it several years and eventually replaced the tuners with Grover Imperials, the pickups with DiMarzio an SD1 (Bridge) and PAF (neck). When I went to finally trade it in, the guitar was basically worth nothing, only the add-ons had value and they were stripped from the guitar by the music store! That's when I learned not to invest more money upgrading a cheap guitar, it's like putting gold over shit and calling it art!
Moving on.....
Ibanez starter pack..
Squier Standard Telecaster.
Random Ibanez GIO superstrat
Takamine EG440C Maple Blue

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My epiphone g-400 was my first guitar that is completely mine. The squier strat I have my brother lets me use because he got it and never played it.
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Dean EVO it looked like a les paul so i bought thinking it was one.....i was a fool back then
Some TGM piece of shit.
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A random no name strat copy made out of plywood. played terrible, tuned terrible and sounded quite pleasant.

I dont miss that POS though.
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I'm think I'm the only person who didn't get a Gibson or a Fender (Or Epiphone or Squire, but same companies.) for a first guitar.

I got a black electric Dean Vendetta 1 for my 17th birthday. I'm 18 1/2 now so you can do the math. Although it was a pretty good guitar (For $270 at least), I'm looking to buy a new guitar now.
my first REAL electric guitar was a ibanez AK85 i got it becuase it was one of those moments when you see an play a damn fine guitar and you just fall in love with it in the shop instantly, i now hardly play my other 7 guitars as i have been playing my cherry sunburst epiphone les paul standard for a good solid year lol.
i'm planning to get a Fender Japan strat for my first guitar in about a month.
Do you guys recommend it?
Squier Mini :P It was my 8 year old brothers, so I used that for about 2 months then got my Epiphone Les Paul Custom.
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Dean Icon PZ with piezo bridge. Just dumb luck. Probably my best guitar. I'll never sell it.
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Ibanez SA260FM. It's my only guitar, technically...

Cost me about $400, but has the features of a $600. The only beef I have with it is that it has a humbucker, but it sounds the same in/out. I guess humbucker + semi-cheap pickups = useless humbucker, eh?

It's also tiny (something I never realized until my older brother used it one time).
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fender squier stratocaster, given to me on my birthday (not sure which one). i wasn't really interested in playing guitar until this year.

my brother got a fender squier telecaster for one of his birthdays. i play this one a lot more than the strat. i like the feel better.

i got a fender squier p-bass last christmas. i love it.
My first guitar was a pearl white Charvel that my parents had rented for me from the local shop. The first one I actually owned was a 1989 Ibanez EX350, its a little beat up (the neck has broken twice and its got several nicks and dings) but I still have it. As to why I got it I have no idea I guess I just liked how it looked, hey I was 12.
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Squire Bullet Strat almost 4 years ago now
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A Squier Strat (still have it, upgrading at xmas). Picked it up because it was a starter set and pretty cheap (£140).
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Mexican Made Telecaster in chrome red. It was cheap and was really cool looking.
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Squier strat.
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The first electric I played was a some no name strat copy I would play on when i would go over my mates house after school everyday in 9th/10th grade. He got lessons but never stuck to them. He eventually sold it for weed. The first Electric i actually owned was A piece of shit Squier 3/4th scale strat i got when i was 18. NEVER stayed in tune, you'd have to tune the thing up to G just to get it to stay in tune for more then 15 minutes i owned that for about 2 years before i got a better one. I'm glad i got rid of that piece of shit,now it's gathering dust in some kid's closet.
A First Act. I'm still using it...
It doesn't sound that bad. Hoping to upgrade soon, not this Christmas tho because I have to get a suit and suits are expensive.
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Mine was a Epiphone Limited Edition Signed Music Rising Les Paul Standard. Now, how many of you guys can beat that? NONE.
it's an Epiphone G-400 SG
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Epiphone Les Paul Jr.

it was a good guitar to get me started and 3 years later im still using Epiphone!

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Yamaha EG-112 that i still own... it's been four years since i bought it used, and i think i really couldn't get a better deal... that is the advantage of going to buy the guitar with my guitar teacher... :P

I'm really proud of it and my amp too. it is a fat strat copy, and it gives good tones... REALLY HAPPY
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