I've found some good ideas on this forum so far but have a few questions. I'm going to music live on saturday and am planning on picking up a cheap Squier tele to mess around with.

for example if i want to put humbuckers in it when you take the scratch plate off am i going to have to find a way to drill\cut\dig out some of the wood body to make the hole wider to fit the humbuckers? - or is there adequate room there already? sorry if it makes no sense or is just a plain stupid question!

Would anyone recommend throwing the body around a car park to make it look like a relic or go for a cool paint job? obviously everyone has their own taste and ideas but i'd like some feedback on people's own experiences so i know what to do, or what to aovid!

thanks in advance
If it has a swimming pool route then theres enough room for humuckers, you will still need to alter the scratch plate though

an no, I hate people that relic their own guitars

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nice one mate thanks was just a thought that's all!

this sounds a bit tacky but i'm thinking of a sick bright green with a black edge around the body, maybe i should play with some designs so i can get a feel for the end result.
More than likely, you'll have to rout the body for the wider HB pickups. For this you should use a template. And of course you'll also have to modify the pickguard as well. For the finish, it's probably polyurethane which is hard to strip off, will never look old just beat to crap if you try to antique it. The easiest ting you could do would be to sand the finish enough to put a little "tooth" on it and apply another compatible finish over top (ie more polyurethane). This could be a solid colour finsh or even a tinted one (espscially if the Squire came with a natural body finish). You should also check the mod's section out as lots of UG'ers have done stuff like this.
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