I need a little help with this. The manual is confusing at best.

I've been trying to make a drum arrangement for a song I've been working on.
I've made 4 different parts for it, but I cant get them to go where they are supposed to go. All I can do is get the intro part set, and it doesn't even sync up correctly with what I have recorded.

I've tried many, many times, does anyone have any ideas that could help? Or know of any step by step How-To's with this things drum pad for dummies? (like me)

Any and all held will be much appreciated.
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I have never used drum machines before, simply because they look like it would be confusing with a tiny screen to work with however I heard knowing how to program drum machines helps quite a bit when working with any type of hardware drums.

I found this link which may help a little but other than that, Google didnt pull up much.

I know a few people here have the BR-600 and so I'm sure they will chime in with advice sooner or later.