how do you guys feel about this chorus in terms of versatility and reliability

ive heard people dont like the fact it has one knob but idk simplicity works for me lol one less thing to go wrong

also how does it compare to other chorus's under 100$

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

i love mine, and the one knob and depth switch are very versatile in my opinion. also, it doesnt hurt at all that it is true-bypass. also, you arent going to get some crazy-out-there chorus effects (unless you maybe use it in conjunction with another pedal while the knob is maxed on depth 2), but this pedal is a good, lush. analog chorus.

however, if you want to be able to control parameter (depth, width, rate) on its own, i would bump up to the MXR stereo chorus.