Hello all,

When I first started playing guitar about six years ago, I wanted to experiment with a lot of different effects and amp models, so I got a Digitech GNX to go with my Squier Strat pack. I learned a lot of what I like and didn't like in my equipment and my tone through this setup. I've since upgraded my guitar to an American Strat and my cheapo solid-state amp to two separate Crate tube amps: a V1512 and a VFX5212. Both of those were huge improvements in quality to the guitar and amp I had before, but now my effects are sorely lagging behind. Long story short, I want some new stompboxes to replace my multi.

The effects I found myself using the most on my multi were:

Overdrives and Distortions (Tube Screamer up to Punk levels, no metal tones)
Chorus (especially those with a more watery tone)
Envelope Filter

I really like Mike Einziger's tone, but I don't need to emulate his tone perfectly. I will definitely not be buying 20 different phasers.

I would greatly appreciate suggestions for what effects I should consider getting. Keep in mind that I have a somewhat limited budget (~$500), so I will probably not get any individual pedals that cost $200 or more as that would limit my ability to cover most of the effects I'd like to get.

Thanks for your help.
Personally, I would just stick with a multi effects and run it though an effects loop.

Not nessecarfilly modeling pedals.

I would recomend the Boss ME-50 from expirence.

But Line-6 has released the M-13. THat would probably be the best. Most professional musicans use one of the many stompbox modelers. The M-13 just combines all of them. Then with the extra money buy a good wah
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for overdrives and distortions look into any of the ProCo Rat series. great for any sort of gain at all, except for really heavy mid scooped metal.

for phaser and chorus the usual ehx small stone/clone should do.


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So nobody has any suggestions? I know I can find some advice from other posts in the forum, but I'd appreciate some good suggestions for my rig specifically.

For the overdrive and distortion, I've looked at/thought about:

Digitech Bad Monkey
Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde (is there a difference between the original and the V2?)
Ibanez TS9/TS808
ProCo Rat
Some random distortion to go with the overdrive pedals for the heavier tones when playing on my one-channel amp

For the Wah, I'd like something that's a little more of a classic rock sound, so I'm probably looking at one of the Vox wahs.

For the chorus, I'm yet to find a real good lush chorus for the exact tone I want. I really need some help here

For the phaser, I'm thinking the MXR Phase 90 or the EHX Small Stone would probably the best idea unless somebody else can think of a phaser that's not too piercing.

Does anybody make a good and relatively cheap envelope filter?

If you have any advice, please reply. Thanks.
Wah go with a Vox V847
Chorus, small clone or a used Boss CE-2, maybe an Ibanez 9-series chorus
Phaser, either an MXR Phase 90 or an EHX small clone
Overdrive- Fulltone OCD or Modded TS-808
Don't know of a good envelope filter for that cheap sorry.

EDIT: Just came to me, The EHX Dr. Q or The Micro Q-tron
The RAT is nice, but the RAT 2 is definitely not a RAT. ProCo is probably the worst company I can think of at maintaining a consistent build quality from year to year. The overdrive half of the Jekyll and Hyde is in many ways a Tubescreamer clone. Keeley makes a good Tubescreamer mod.

If you want classic wah tones, either a V847 or a Classic Crybaby (JCB-95).

AW-3 would be my pick for a reasonably priced env filter. Although I'll agree with Highway on the Q series if you need to go cheaper.