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it doesnt really sound like jazz to me, just some "jazz" chords. the lead playing is pretty good ,flows well with the chords. learn some more theory and incorporate more than 2 chords into your songs, jazz is changing chords/keys/progressions/time almost every 10 seconds, try learning some other artists stuff. c4c?

I agree with lp addict playing a Dorian scale over a minor7,dom7th vamp isn't jazz. there is nothing wrong with what you played but it is not jazz. in terms of lead playing i would concentrate on phrasing more.

this is a video that really helped me out, getting into jazz/blues phrasing.

nicely played anyhow. well done.
Yeah this isn't exactly jazz, but it's pretty good. It flows well. A little too much hiss but nothing you can do about that I suppose.