Currently have:

Keeley mod. ds1 distortion pedal
keeley mod. ts9 tubescreamer
a boss tuner
and a line 6 dl4

how should i organize them?

Also, I will add here in the next month:

a dynacomp compressor
a dunlop tri wah(or vox, still havent decided)
a ernie ball jr. volume swell
and a zvex fuzz factory vexter series

When I acquire all these, then how should I order them all again?
thanks alot!
^ +4

and tuner should definitely go first.
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Simplify your rig so you can understand it and then go from there. Add one piece at a time. No one here is going to help you better than your own two ears.
Just happened to stumble upon this and thought I might be able to help...

You always want to have your tuner first and volume swell last, and delay before volume. Wah comes after tuner in pretty much all cases (or other way round if you want your distorted signal to be wah'd... but nobody does that)... then distortions usually after wah, then mod pedals (like chorus... otherwise the chorus or whatever can be lost in the distortion pedal if you put the distortions after the chorus/mod)...

Eg. with all the pedals you might have by now that you listed:

Guitar > Boss Tuner > Dunlop Wah > Z.Vex Fuzz Factory > Keeley DS-1 > Keeley Tube Screamer > Dynacomp Compressor > Line 6 DL4 > Ernie Ball Volume > Amplifier

Although having said all this... you can put the Z.Vex first (before tuner and wah) because Z.Vex fuzz factories deal directly with your pickups, so you want it as close as you can... The other (rhythm/vocals) guitarist in my band has a Z.Vex and he puts it first, before his Boss tuner and Dunlop wah... and it works for him.

That's how I'd do it.
i mostly agree with loop de luke. i know a guy i jam with has a fuzz factory and he keeps it first. he also has his tuner after his distortions/overdrives to use as a mute in case they start acting funny. hahah.
Yeah that's a good idea... because distortions (depending on the evironment surrounding) can make a ****load of noise when they're on but you aren't playing... My Marshall Guv'Nor Plus made almost as much noise when I wasnt playing as it did when I was playing, so I got a Boss Noise Suppressor and that fixed the problem up good n' proper
word of advice, different wah's act differently!

with my morley it sounds terrible when i put it before my blues driver (OD/dist), so i put it after, and it sounds great!

by the way, can someone give me advice as to whats the best ordering of my phaser and chorus?

ive been without my chorus for a while cos i broke, but i should get it back soon, but when its back, should it go

OD>wah> CHORUS >PHASER> delay


OD>wah> PHASER > CHORUS > delay
jaybals: It doesn't really matter with phaser and chorus really as to which one goes first... will you even be using both at the same time ever? If you do use them both together sometimes, just try it both ways and see what sounds good... whatever produces the sound you want is what you'd go with, it wont break anythin.