So I love the song blackbird by alter bridge. Also love mark tremonti... I want to break down the intro and see what scale he might of used when playing. Closest one I could think of is F# harmonic minor. which uses F, F#, G#,A,B,C#,D. It also uses D# but could just be how he spices it up a bit... would this be the correct scale? if not what did I get wrong?

Here is the intro to the song.

    Intro - Acoustic (Riff 1)				    1st, 3rd ending
Looks like you've got it right, but a couple quick notes. Always spell a scale with the tonic (in this case F#) first, and it's E#, not F.
Actually, I'm going to correct myself and say he's using F# melodic minor, which allows you to use both the raised and lowered 6 and 7. He isn't using the b7, but he's using b6, 6, and 7.
idk but.. mint song haha =] :P

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okay I see what your talking about. it changes a little as song goes on, but its nothing big or drastic.