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as for the song i actually liked it, which is rare, so congrats on a good song

I second this.
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Very nice, shame it was so short
Very well mixed, maybe a slight boost on kickdrum level, but otherwise very ****ing good
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wow, i'm impressed!!! nice composing , i love the rhythms on the bass pedal and how it works with the staccato guitar. reminds me alot of Scandinavian prog rock/metal. real nice melody's throughout. tasty solo too . Too short!!!! i want more!!! haha

could you crit mine when you've got the time??
That was really nice EPIC sounding. NIce drums, intresting rythm, really the definition of prog metal

edit: i had not read that the thread title said epic
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Not my thing, but not bad. The synth is mixed a bit high and the guitar tone has a bit too much treble. The melodies are definitely good. I'd say not to go with female vocals, but thats just personal preference on my part. The solo's definitely great. I love the solo tone.
thats pretty badass. i liked the acoustic parts and the leads they're all pretty "progressive sounding." keep it up man. btw thanks for your crit on one of my songs, much appreciated
Yeah, the drums a bit. I like the rareness of the song. Very nice.
Needs some vocals though. I disagree with female vocals though, and screaming the whole epic song will screw its epic-ness, so don't go with it IMO.

Looking forward to the vocals. Can you PM me as soon as you get some?

EDIT: just kidding
This was a pretty good song.

The intro establishes a nice ambiance and when the guitar comes in at 0:10 it sounds perfect. Very powerful. And there's a nice groove to the riff that starts at 0:26.

Is the ~0:51 part supposed to be the verse? That's sort of the way I imagined it. I think it would sound pretty good with a female vocalist (i.e. a la Nightwish) but only if you go for a more "progressive metal" sound to the vocals, rather than an "opera" sound. I guess think more new Nightwish, rather than old.

1:24 - nice phrasing. I don't know if this was the "chorus" or what, but it sounds fine. Only one mild concern - there's that one note at like 1:30 and again at 1:43 that always sounds a little wavery/out of tune to me. I'm not sure what the cause of this is, and maybe I'm just being too picky, but that's what I'm hearing. Otherwise, good.

The change at 1:50 first seemed way too abrupt to me, but after listening through it a few times, I changed my mind. lol Cool breakdown. I think one of the signs of a well-written part in an odd time signature is that your mind is able to just listen to the melody and not be bothered by the time change. I think you've certainly achieved that.

The solo was good and tasteful. I'm glad you didn't ruin the song with some mindless shredding.

Overall this is a well-written piece. Volume-wise - people have mentioned the drums, so yeah, make those louder. Also, I would have liked to hear some more bass in there - it usually makes things more interesting, especially in a progressive metal forum - but that's just my personal preference.

I'd love to hear the full version of this song, with vocals if possible. Keep up the good work!
i felt the drums were in good volume. maybe a slightly bigger sound on the kick drum (not necessarily more volume.. MAYBE more attack or low end 'duff'... very little tho) and a slight cymbal cleanup

really wicked song. made me feel like i was watching a movie about samurai or something.

i have nothing to critique on your playing or writing, everything seemed to have been played great and the tune as a whole was pretty well thought out.

nice work!

feel free to leave a comment on either of my own works,
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Hey man. Nice drums and synth line. My only complaint thus far, is i think the guitars are a clipping and i think they could actually come up in the mix. I really like the clean guitar section here. And yeah..i can hear the solo, but it could come up too. Like it though. Nice work man. Really melodious, nice.

crit mine?
This sounds really great! Love the guitar riffs. You've got some really good skills! Add some vocals and start performing it live!
I rarely comment, but good job. I'm kinda 50/50 on Epic Metal, but I do love the Epic Metal that I do like. You definitely do have a bit of a Nightwish aspect for this song, and it works very well. I have the same comments as everyone else, though: slightly louder kick drum, and lower the synth SLIGHTLY. Those are just small mastery details, though, and shouldn't conflict the song.

9/10. (I have to become obsessed with a song, before I give it a 10)
Good composition/performance/production.I think you may struggle to fit Vocals into the mix at present as you may have recorded too,"Hot" and not left any room for them.I would like to hear it at better quality than soundclick.Reverbnation(Link in my sig) allows much higher data rates but has an 8 meg song size limit.
this song is amazing.

the guitars are a little lost at times, but overall the mix is pretty good.

you lose the second part of the guitar solo and there's another part in there that I noticed...don't remember exactly where

EDIT: checked the other songs too. I would buy album it it keeps going with what you've got
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oh dude awesome
go to my wesite and check out "outer space" it's a short piece i did a really long time ago. it's not as heavy as your song but i think you'll find it interesting.
This is really, really good. Everything fits perfectly: composition, performance, mastering. It also really fits my style
I'm looking forward to the vocals. A Nightwish-approach would be really epic, maybe try and add some growls in there as well. The solo section was loud enough imo, it doesn't really dominate the song while still blending in nicely.

Overall: 9/10. Great song

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reminds me a lot of Sonata Arctica. its great.
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The guitar tone is great.

Intro is a little slow but I really like it. The harmony guitars could be a tiny bit louder.

The guitars overall are a little bit quiet, I would turn them up the slightest bit, along with the bassdrum.

The slow melody leads throughout are really nice. Very pleasant to listen to. The synth is a bit too loud compared to the distorted guitar, though. The solo is pretty nice, a little sloppy on one of the runs but that's okay. The harmony solo after is WAYYYY to quiet.

Good song, nice work.

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Awesome song, intro did it's job by setting the mood. Your guitar tone is amazing, I love it. I thought the rhythm guitar and synth were a little overpowering in general.

The song, never really did get boring. You have some nice melodies there. However, I felt the ending was lacking. Maybe because the solo volume was too low, maybe not.

Loved the drums, they fit the song well.

Overall a Fantastic song, but I feel like the outro could of been a little better. Good job!

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wow this is great! I love all the riffs and the acoustic section is excellent especially when it comes back into the eletric riffs again. All in all this song is pretty brilliant!

although the intro didnt quite do it for me, everything else was great, one you got into the guitar riffs i thought the song really went places.

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really good track, composition mix and playing sounded really good to me. i tend to agree with the bigger sound on the drums comment. excellent
Brilliant work, man. I really can't say anything about this except, maybe make the ending part that really comes in at 2:38 louder.