So has anybody here besides me ever gotten permantly hurt from playing a sport or something like that i was just wondering.

two years ago i was in the state qualifing match for varsity wrestling and my knee was completly ****ed up. Then about a month after that i was sitting at a stop light with my day (coming home from a doctors visit concerning my knee) and we were rear-ended by this old lady in her mini van and my already messed up knee went into the glove box and it was completly shattered.

I was on crutches 14 months and now i have permant limp and cant play sports or skateboard or do those things (which leaves me more time to focus on my guitar)

i was just wondering if anything similar ever happend to the pit.
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My friend has a piece of bone floating around in his shoulder. He used to be on the football team, but now he even has to limit hacky-sack playing.
My sophomore year in wrestling our coach was having us roll out our necks, then flip over ourselves on the top of our heads. well i only got half way over, then my neck popped, causing me to fall, and pretty seriously injury my neck and back
bout 6 months months back i flipped my motobike on a table top and landed on my head and shoulder and seriously ****ed my shoulder
cant move my arm above shoulder height or anything >

and snowbaording this year i buggered my right knee and shit it is ****ed up
I have sciatica

Actually, it's a bitch. When the weather is cold it's even worse, and I get shooting pains when dancing.
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