I would personally recommend the GSR over the Squier, just 'cause I've been playing the GSR nearly 2 years now, so yeah. The GSR has a pretty damn thin neck and the P-bass will have a thicker one, but the difference isn't huge afterall. I have an Ashdown, so I'd recommend the make, but I'm not sure about the perfect 10.

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Can't go wrong with the Ibby, I've played my friends quite alot, plays great, sounds awesome for the price, but then again I've also played the Squier and loved it too, they're both really good basses, and ideally you should go try them out first to see which one you like the feel of more.

As for amps, Ashdown have a pretty good rep on these boards, I can't comment on that particular amp, but all the ashdowns I've used have been awesome, also look to check out this.
Again, try amps out, you might discover something even better.

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The GSR has a pretty damn thin neck and the P-bass will have a thicker one, but the difference isn't huge afterall.

This is true, but remember this Squier has a Jazz Bass neck, so it's alot thinner than standard P-bass necks

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I like the look of the squier, which is wierd because i usually hate those kinda basses ha.
Personally I would reccommend the ibanez, its a good solid bass and in my opinion one of, if not THE best starter bass. The perfect ten is also a great starter amp, sounds great for a low price =] it has a simple EQ (bass, mid, treble) which helps you get used to using one (personally I wouldn't start with a graphic EQ to be honest). The volume is fine also =]

Of course, this is no substitute to heading off to your music shop and trying them out, so I would reccommend you did that. Maybe also try the vintage modified squiers if you're willing to spend the extra cash, as they are certainly worth it. Ask about your options in your price range, and only take what the person serving you says as advice. The final decision is down to the bass you feel most comfortable with =]
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Im gonna recommend the Ibanez as well, i own this beauty and rate it over the Squiers i've played; the thin neck is so fast, and it manages to be extremely tonally diverse whilst looking brilliant. That said, the squier still looks pretty sweet, and is also a great beginning bass.

Of course, this is all my opinion, see if you can try them both out somewhere, or as close to as possible.
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GSR all the way
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I would go with the Ibanez GSR200.
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ibanez. it wins. pure and total win. active, extra pickup, and just awesomeness.
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Ibanez make solid basses. I lurves my Ibby.

But here's the scoop. We're not going to have to live with this bass, you are. So...go to your local dealer and try both of them out. One is going to connect with you better than the other, soundwise and playability wise. Really, neither is a poor choice for a starter.
Yeah I've got a GSR200 and its great.
It has a really nice thin neck.
The Squire is nice but I would shell out 10$ more to get the Ibanez.

Ashdown makes some pretty reliable stuff. So it should work decently.
id get the gsr over THAT squier, but the VM squiers are better
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