I think it's the G Pentatonic lol

But anyway, im starting to learn blues but only using the 5 G Pentatonic shapes and putting them together. But i just can't get the hang of creating a nice sounding improvised riff/lick. Can anyone tell me which sort of notes fit well together and what sort of harmonics i should be using (eg pulloffs, bends, vibrato). Next ill be learning by using all the modes and if i can't make any nice sounding "sounds" then ill probably be helpless at that

If you can answer this question then your time is very much appreciated. Also, if i have got anything wrong in this post, then it's because im quite new to guitar and also new to this forum (even though it said i joined in February)

See you all around.
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If you are talking Major and Minor Pentatonics when you said 5 different patterns then I can understand. G Minor Pentatonic will sound better almost every chord progression, it may not be the most interesting but it is. The important thing to know about modes and scales is that if you are just learning the patterns and fingering and not learning the notes in scale, its not going to help you very much. You can learn by working with fingerings and different modes but if you really want to improvise better, you are going to have to learn the notes in the scales and learn the fretboard.
your not that kid from XFACTOR are you? :S Nice spelling of Eoghan/Owen (y)

1) Watch other people. Trading licks isnt stealing - it's complementary. Watch your guitar heros, your mates and others... etc.
2) Improvise with music. If you're improvising with one guitar only, it sounds lame alot of the time.
3) Look at the chords. Use the root note of the scale and go back to it when neccessary (EG- G pentatonic root note is any G) for that finished sound.

Good luck!
Thankyou Chopstick, so should i learn the notes and where they are off-by-heart?

And no, im not Eoghan from X Factor even though i have blonde hair lol.
Bending the second note on the G string sounds sweet, and you can slide in and out of any pair of notes in the pent and it sounds groovy. Combo a slide with some vibrato to get that bluesy feel to it. I'd throw vibrato on any note thats going to ring for more than a 4th, and most of all practice the pent up and down the neck so that your accuracy improves...

...and use a 'nome for christ sake.
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Well, something that can really help you learn is when you are playing your scales and modes, say the notes forward and backward. Try to focus on the note name and where it is but also the sound because if you are improvising you don't want to hit a note that totally does not fit with the progression.