I'm getting my first guitar in a week. The one I play now is borrowed from my brother-in-law. Ive already ordered it and Im so excited to get it. I can't wait to play it. I know this is the guitar I want , and I know I will keep playing every day, What I was wondering is if any one else had one and if so, are there are any problems I should watch for? What types of amps and effects should I be looking for?
any help is appreciated
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what kind of music are you planning to play?
How much money are you planning to spend on an amp?
Are you planning to play with friends or just want a bedroom amplifier?

I don't have any experience with the guitar
I plan to spend around $600 or more on an amp. I have a practice amp right now but I'm not sure what type of amps to be looking for. I play metal, mostly Low B tuning. I do have a few people I play with, other guitar players and a bass player. but I mostly play alone.
You should love this guitar. I've had my Ibanez S since 96 and it's stillone of my favorite guitars. I have a Duncan Distortion in the bridge slot for teh brOOtalZ.
I love this guitar! It should be here Thursday. What kind of Distortion pedal should I get?
how would a JB sound in the neck (i have it too) the pickups are junk, passive EMG's. and if u want a pedal get a satchurator.