wow i like
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*Points to Above Poster*

Best. Username. Ever.

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I wish I was gay...

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It sounds nice from a strictly guitar point of view, but it's also horribly out of time :S I'm not sure if it's you or just the drum beat you're using, but it doesn't flow that well with the guitar

best video game ever i must say
Only the blue sky and the green grass
Go on forever in this world
Where seconds feel like eternity
And years pass in blink of an eye
Omg, brilliant. Love it. Drums get out of time every once in a while but still in time for most of it I'd say.
Very cool man.

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hi, i was just wondering how to post a thread?

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and USD is equal to how much in US dollars?

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Everyone must own a DS-1 at some point in their playing career.